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Re: The wind out my sails

Originally Posted by NotLad View Post
If one more person tells me to "enjoy them while they are little" I'm going follow them home and scream at them until I pass out.

Any tips for surviving this phase?
oh god yes! Anyone who has even the slightest criticism of you for telling the truth about how difficult toddlers can be has either never had one or it's been so long they've forgotten. Or they just got an easy one by some fluke of nature.. I like to think 'pay now or pay later' applies and their easy toddler will be a hellion teenager.

It IS hard. I have a super active, curious, agile, fast and STRONG toddler. And he does not do patience well. Sometimes by the end of the day I feel like all I've done is prove Darwin wrong. This too shall pass, and admitting that this is not your favorite age does not mean you love him any less. I would walk in front of a train for either of my kids in a second, but the fact remains that they both were/are like howler monkeys on crack as toddlers and the farther we get from that stage the better.
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