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Re: Anyone do a raw diet for their dog?

I am finding this thread fascinating. I just spoke to our vet about this last night-- either raw or home prepared foods for our new pup. DH and I had spoken about it a lot of times with our old dog. It seemed hypocritical for us to only feed whole foods to ourselves and the children and then feed packaged food to the pets....

I have more research to do, but the vet cautioned me that it is sometimes tricky when one has a busy life (as she eyed my three kids winging about the exam room ) to keep it balanced. She said she commends people who do it well, but she sees a lot of people who start of with good intentions and fall off the wagon as time goes on. She also commented on dogs who develop pickiness and only eat parts of the meal, as a PP pointed out.

I will be keeping an eye on this thread as it is something I really want to keep researching.
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