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Our 10 year old just went to her first sleepover this year. It was a bday party with 3 other girls, hubby went in to meet and talk with the parents, and i had also talked with the mom on the phone. They live down the road from us. We also hosted our first bday slumber parties this year for both our daughters, ages 10 and 8. We knew most of the girls and parents personally as they were either neighbors or the daughter of a close friend of ours. I see nothing wrong with bday slumber parties when the kids are mature enough to spend the night, and I went to slumber parties all the time as a kid. Our 10 year old was invited to one other slumber party this year, but we declined because we weren't comfortable with the parents. If you have a bad feeling about the parents or situation obviously say no way, but otherwise I think it's good for kids to have fun away from mom and dad with their friends. Also, our kids have been having slumber parties with their grandparents since they were toddlers, so they are well accustomed to being away from us
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