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Re: Drinking in your family

I'm sorry. Yes drinking is normal in our house, but we generally wait until the kids are in bed and then have 1 glass of wine, or 1 beer together. We probably do this 4 nights a week. Maybe on a Saturday we might have two glasses. Neither of us have a problem. We can and have said no on many occasions.

What you are describing sounds very different. It sounds like either immaturity, or yes, he may have a drinking problem. And from the way that you have described that he cannot have fun without drinking, is really a serious issue. That is not normal, and it really means he might need some kind of counseling/ treatment.

If he isn't willing to seek help or try to change his behaviour, then I am afraid if I was in that situation I would have to leave him. But only you know exactly what you are willing to tolerate, and only you know whether he is worth trying to work it out with.
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