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Re: Any interest in a high risk thread?

Originally Posted by Almacham View Post
Type 1 means insulin shots for life... Usually starts in childhood. Basically your pancreas doesn't produce insulin! Everything can effect my blood sugars. I have had to be hospitalized for a simple stomach virus several times, because taking insulin plus not eating for several days = disaster! It's very hard on your body. You have to maintain constant vigilance on your blood sugars and insulin shots. It's an autoimmune disease.

Pregnancy with type 1 diabetes is extremely high risk... Let me see if I can remember everything off the top of my head:
* premature labor and delivery
* miscarriage
* stillbirth
* fetal deformity
* congenital fetal defects
* complications regarding delivery
* dangerously large baby
* an ill newborn
* pre-eclampsia
* heart problems in baby and mom
* growth problems with baby
* placenta problems - aging placenta, for instance, when it should be fine and healthy

There may be more that I'm just not remembering. They put me through a battery of tests and look over the baby head to toe monthly. By the 32nd week I have to go to the dr three times a week!

Jennifer, I will be thinking of you. I hope that your test goes well.
Oh my! What a long list!! That is awful that you have to deal with all of that... and it doesn't even end when the kid is born! Thanks for the education lesson.

I am not that worried about my scan. I used to get scan anxiety but honestly this scan isn't as precise as my normal CT or PET scan so I am not worried. Now ask me again when I go in for the delivery and need to do a PET before I leave.

Oh and full disclosure I should run over the list that the doctor gave me of what could happen to me. I had pelvic radiation (and chemo and cancer) since I had my son. So my list is:
- inability for the uterus to expand
- placenta may not be able to attach correctly and/or grow like it should
- I had a chemo drug that can be hard on my heart so I need to watch out for that (though this I am not as concerned about)
- I could go into labor at any time because of my uterus and I had 2 classical (vertical cut) c-sections so that could cause uterine rupture
- Delivery is tricky because of scar tissue that the radiation causes. Could have excessive scar tissue making it hard to do the c-section.
- could have scar tissue binding my organs making the surgery harder
- could have the placenta not willing to detach from the uterus (basically scarred on it)
- could have severe blood loss if any of these happen

That is all I can think of off the top of my head. However all of this is theoretical risks. Honestly NO one knows what the radiation did to me other then get rid of "Larry" (my cancer). The scans couldn't show scar tissue so we only know what was found out before the radiation with a surgery that I had to move my ovaries to the top of my uterus (in prep for radiation). Everything else is just "worse case scenario" that they can figure out based on what they know about the human body. So I get scared more then I probably need to be.
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