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Sold!!! Large covers, med/leg and small waterproof pouches, lots of inserts!

I have 2 large gDiaper covers, 4 medium/large pouches, 2 small pouches, 3 small gDiaper cloth inserts and 1 medium/large, 6 unknown brand inserts that fit in small gDiapers, and 11 homemade small gDiaper inserts. Click any of the pictures to see them bigger. Take the whole lot for $50PPD!!!


Blue cover. There's some pilling on the top, but everything is still in good working order. Very minor staining on the edges of the legs that doesn't show up on camera. All velcro is working great and fully attached. $8PPD

Red cover. Pilling on the top edge of this one too, more so on this one. No staining. Two of the velcros have been reinforced (you can see them in the picture) and all the others are 100% attached. $7PPD

These inserts are pretty dingy, but still work fine. I haven't done anything to try to get the dingy out. $8PPD

Don't know the brand and there aren't any tags. Work great in the gDiapers tough. No staining, but they're kind of tinged green from washing with the homemade inserts (should have pre-washed those and didn't know, so they stained the other things in the wash with them). $12PPD

Homemade inserts. The inside is green microfiber and the outside is cotton. No stains, but some of them are fraying a bit on the edges. Still thoroughly held together though. They fit great in the small gDiapers and soak awesome. These were my favorite. $14PPD

4 medium/large pouches. Still in great working order and no stains. Only problem is the leg gussets are cracked. Doesn't effect how they work at all. $8PPD

2 small pouches. These are stained green for the same reason as the inserts. No staining otherwise. A bit cracked on the edges too. $3PPD

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