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Re: Are there any dangers to harnessing a child past a certain age?

Originally Posted by Mom2Connor View Post
Race car drives have HANS to prevent head excursion. The theory is that for a child mature enough to be boostered, the seatbelt allows head, neck/spine to move together, as opposed to the head snapping forward by itself.
Originally Posted by monica-m View Post
You're comparing apples to oranges. You do not drive 200+ mph and the harnesses that race car drivers wear are very different from the one in your child's car seat. They have HANS devices and 6 point harnesses just to name two differences.
to both. The 5pt harnesses nascar racers use is much different than a kid in a harnessed seat. No real comparison there.

Once a child is big enough for a booster, and capable of sitting in one properly all the time, it is just as safe for them to be in a booster as it is to be harnessed. Possibly even safer, based on the way the seat belt holds/allows for more body movement and less force/strain on the neck than a harness.

OP - it doesn't sound like your DD would be able to sit properly in a booster for a length of time? In which case, she is safer harnessed.
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