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Re: need easy GF dessert/nice snack recipe

Originally Posted by knodceo View Post
Where did you get this info?

My husband is celiac and I don't have separate things. He is completely healthy again. My MiL who gets poisoned constantly never gets sick from eating at my house. I am overly cautious.

If you are worried, buy a foil tin and bake in that. It should be fine.
It really does depend on the person's sensitivity, I think. I've seen some sites that say to replace everything (pots/pans, wooden or plastic utensiles and bowls/plates, etc.) and others say that a thorough cleaning is sufficient. Our son's GI says gluten does not come out/off completely when just washed, the equipment (for lack of better word) has to go through an acid something or another wash to be considered gluten free.

We err on the side of caution and do not cook anything with gluten in the house. All meals are gluten free. We do buy a few convenience foods every now and then (like bread or chips or cereal), but nothing that needs to be cooked or prepared in any way. We tossed out scratched pans but did NOT replace everything. We just washed everything really well and ran it through the dishwasher and hoped that would be enough. I will say our guy had some seemingly random reactions for a while and I think it was probably due to some leftover traces of gluten on our stuff.

Here's a few links:
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