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newborn hates being worn?

I have been trying to wear my newborn for about 2 weeks now (shes 2 weeks old) and she seems to hate it. I've tried my moby, mei tai, and pouch sling. i have tried them indoors and outdoors, different days, after nursing her, when she is asleep, when she is fussy and awake, etc. My older daughter LOVED and needed to be worn almost all the time but this one doesn't seem into it. she cries and grunts and squirms. She wants to be held in our arms but not the carriers. she sleeps really well in her carseat and moses basket and doesn't seem to like her swaddle. is it possible some babies just don't like to be squished? i thought ALL babies at the newborn age liked to be crunched up and held tight. i need to be able to wear her to i can have free hands to take care of my 2 1/5 year old!
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