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Sick baby

My 3 month old had to come home from daycare today because of a mild fever of 100.3. My husband is with him because he can work from home. He told me that our LO is not drinking a lot. He also was very fussy this morning.

He nursed great last night but was very sleepy and has been coughing, so I am not surprised. He also did not finish his last daycare bottle yesterday. I have been sick, actually took the day off work yesterday to go to the doctor and get some antibiotics. I've been pumping and keeping up my supply just fine. My 3 year old was sick last week as well. She's still on meds.

I unfortunately have to work tomorrow and my little guy will stay with grandma. I hope he will take the bottle OK for her and get to feeling better. I know to look for wet diapers and to keep an eye on dehydration. Anything else to watch for or remember in such a little baby? I am missing him and sad I can't be there and kicking myself for taking my only sick day yesterday (just started a new job)
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