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Re: Compost toilet...humanure??

We did for about 5 years. I believe we used a Sun unit. It was very tall and made a lot of our guests uncomfortable as well as our newly toileting child. It's very disgusting to clean out and should be done very thoroughly on a very regular basis or bugs will indeed invade. We used the premix for some time but ended up having better luck with the bedding purchased from Tractor Supply Co. and an enzyme. It did not compost in the unit. We had to empty it into our wheel barrow and take it to a safe location near the woods for it to compost thoroughly. We would rotate the mounds and after about a year I would put it on my bulb gardens. We don't eat meat, which I think had some impact on our anticipated results.
The unit did not stink except during menstruation or illness. It was somewhat loud, but when we closed the door it was unnoticeable.
A couple different friends of ours have underground composting systems that were built into their houses. All of the issues we had with ours, they have not had. We didn't have the option, but if we had, I would say underground units are very much the way to go. Even with all if that said, I liked it. It wasn't difficult and once on a system and once everyone is used to it, composting human waste didn't seem like big deal. I wouldn't say we enjoyed it, but we didn't dislike it either.

I will add, when I was in my 20's I composted my own from a simple bucket and hole system I came up with on my own. We've done grey water systems and I now hand wash all my clothes (yes, they all feel like the same "crap" to me). So if I can help in any way, feel free to message me.
Good luck!
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