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Re: Can't leave DD

Originally Posted by luvsviola View Post means you leave her with DH regularly. Go to the groccery. Go for a walk. Go get a coffee. He needs to learn to deal with her, and she needs to learn that he can care for her too. He will learn her cues and to comfort her.
yup, this.

She won't die, she won't starve, and she will eventually fall asleep if she NEEDS to sleep.

Conversely, he won't melt, he won't explode, and he'll figure her out enough to be able to manage her without your help.

Babies involve a lot of learning, and sometimes that's not fun, but it's necessary (IMO) and just part of the territory.

My DS was also high needs. I co slept with him for his first 2 yrs of life b/c he NEEDED me.

But I also needed to leave. To not be constantly holding him, feeding him, rocking him, wearing him, nursing him, etc. It was just as important for ME to go have some time away as it was for him and DH to have some time without me around.

As far as your DH putting her down, I am not sure that's a bad thing. I think it's totally fine, and even GOOD for babies around your DD's age to learn to preoccupy themselves for short bursts of time. That's ok. As long as she's being properly supervised in a safe place with appropriate toys, it's totally fine, normal, and GOOD to put her down and let her explore on her own while your DH chills out. That's part of parenting, too.

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