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Re: Are there any dangers to harnessing a child past a certain age?

Originally Posted by Greenbabybottoms View Post
Op here, thanks for all the feedback. I don't know that she can sit properly, she says she can, dh thinks she can, I just don't know. I really think she will be fine for short tris around town I'm just more concerned with longer (more than 20ish minutes) trips. We got the turbo booster with safety surround today and put it in the car. We have no big trips planned this weekend just gymnastics, grocery store etc all city driving, slow speeds and less than 5 miles from home. We are going to see how it goes, if it goes well we will try her in it to coop on monday which is about 30 minutes away, if not I'll know we need to order the frontier for her.
What we're going to do once the horrible nasty road weather clears with my 5 year old is leave the straps in her nauti, but use it as a booster for short in town trips - we live in a smallish town, so across town is ~15 minutes at most. If she does well with that for a few weeks, then widen the radius where she can go in the booster. Take it slow, remind her that she has to sit still or she won't be safe in the booster. Ease her into it.
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