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Re: Sleepovers ?

My oldest started sleepovers at 6 in 1st grade. Because he attends a very small school, we had known the children for a couple of years already and had frequent encounters with the parents. I would not say that I am close friends with all of the other parents at whose homes my kids have spent the night, but I have at least had an opportunity to meet each one.

My daughter started sleepovers just before she turned 5. She stayed at a friend's home who we'd known since our oldest was 3. I love sleepovers, except as they get older, they tend to get little to no sleep.

My kids are soon to turn 12, 10 and 8 and I would say that we have 4-6 sleepovers a month between the 3 of them. Sometimes they have friends here, sometimes at another child's home. In fact, I am so excited for Saturday night. They were each invited to sleep at a different friend's house and DH and I will have the house to ourselves. So, yup - we love sleepovers.
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