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Re: Are there any dangers to harnessing a child past a certain age?

Originally Posted by Computermama View Post
What we're going to do once the horrible nasty road weather clears with my 5 year old is leave the straps in her nauti, but use it as a booster for short in town trips - we live in a smallish town, so across town is ~15 minutes at most. If she does well with that for a few weeks, then widen the radius where she can go in the booster. Take it slow, remind her that she has to sit still or she won't be safe in the booster. Ease her into it.
I do this with my 6.5 year old, just easier in the winter when it is -40 to do up a seatbelt and not a harness. I'm not sure when I will let her fully booster as she is 41lbs. DD2 is 4.5 and special needs, I did let her try the booster for a 2 block trip (small blocks here) and she wormed out of the belt, so no go for that for now!
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