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Originally Posted by mozartswannabe View Post
Starting momma cloth seems so intimidating! And the start up costs are so high, but don't seem like they would pay off financially like diapers! I'm sure they will health wise though. I'd love to try it, but I'm having a hard time getting started too! I think I'd like to try making my own, but even that seems intimidating!
Yes it definitely pays off, to me even faster than dipes. And like pp, you're going to have periods longer than it'd take for your LO to PL. Way worth it! And another great reason to switch is for comfort. Sposie pads and tampons are NOT comfy to anyone. The tampons irritate and dry, the pads are hot, smelly, and sticky. Mama cloth and the cup are painless and very comfy. Think about the softness of a padfolded flat in your undies vs. plastic pads.

OP, your long periods are most likely going to get shorter and lighter. I noticed mine did after a few months. I love GEM cloth. They are trim, absorbant, and cute. I also love The Silver Liner. Both are affordable options.
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