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Re: Anyone do a raw diet for their dog?

I have not done raw but some of my friends have, I am a former vet tech and have taken additional classes in animal nutrition (and human FWIW :P)
From my perspective raw feeding is definitely not necessary and the cons outweigh the pros. I really do not like the idea of a bunch of raw meat being eaten by animals in a house shared with small children. No matter how careful you are, it's a risk. It's expensive and time consuming also. Yes it's true that animals, like humans, benefit from a good quality diet, but you don't have to do raw to obtain this. You can get the same results from a high quality prepackaged food and not have to worry about nutritional and vitamin balance or health risks of uncooked meat.
edit-Also I have seen bones splinter, get stuck, etc (though it is less likely with raw bones) and bacterial contamination causing severe illness. The resulting vomiting and diarrhea (in an 80 lb lab mix) was not only an expensive hospital stay but smelled so bad I can't even describe it..
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