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Originally Posted by anne_josh
If you don't bring your own you will have to use what is provided to you and it is usually just one kind. At our hospital it is similac only, the plain stuff, no other option. I did BF both but had to supplement in the beginning and that is what we used; the hospital was very nice about giving us some extra samples, and I believe most of them are like that.

Also! If you want to give your baby colostrum (the hospital staff will probably talk to you about that) you don't have to do it via bf, it works just fine to put the colostrum on a pacifier or bottle nipple. Any extra immune boost is a good idea, especially during cold and flu season.
This! On a paci or a bottle nipple is a great idea!
And also many hospitals like the pp mentioned will pressure you to breast feed.

If I were you I would buy organic (NON GMO -non genetically modified) based off of this life changing documentary I watched yesterday called Genetic Roulette

Congrats on your new baby!!
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