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Originally Posted by pine_apple_goat
We're well on our way to becoming "non-traditional". DH and I are in a relationship with another couple, T and C. We've been friends for years and things have progressed and this feels so natural. They will finally be moved in in about a week and a half and I cannot wait. I miss them so much when they're not here. C is pregnant! I'm so happy for her. She has wanted children since I can remember and she is 7 weeks today. I've already converted her to cloth and all other things "crunchy" . It's going to be a crazy household around here, but I wouldn't change it for the world. I'm not sure what this post was really for... maybe to get others to come out of the woodwork and be happy about their relationships? Although, we have not "outed" ourselves to anyone but the online community. None of our families know. We're waiting until we are more settled in here before telling them. I feel like they'll all tell us it won't work out and we are going to prove them wrong. It's been working for a while now, we're still figuring the dynamics out and we have our rough moments but we're getting there.

I'd love to learn about you and your family. Do you have any questions or advice for me?
That is so great!
I didn't even know this section existed before.

We are traditional but I have always been intrigued by poly families.

My Mom and I have had talks about how it would be great have sister wives.

We lived with my parents, Gramma, sister and her fiancée for 3 mos in between house closings.

It is so lonely now and everyone still misses it as crazy as it was.
My parents also had another family move in for a couple of months until their house closed. ( we are realtors plus lol)

It was awesome to have so many people around all working together.
Obviously not the same as a poly relationship. It was wonderful though.
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