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Re: Rumparooz bamboo or hemp question...

Originally Posted by Babybird4 View Post
Wow, that is much trimmer. Do you think they are just as absorbent? or more absorbent? !
I'm not sure, as I haven't used the mf yet and DS isn't a heavy wetter (he's 2.5 months and still in his preemie prefolds). I'm not sure if this is a good test, but I just took both of them in the bathroom and poured water on them, I got 3+ oz before the hemp was full and about the same for the mf. But a baby wouldn't be peeing over the whole thing, right?

I keep hearing people say that hemp doesn't absorb as fast but when I pour water on the hemp insert it absorbs immediately, so it seems OK to me. The mf insert was the one that took a couple seconds before it absorbed...

ETA: I did the water test on the newborn inserts and not the one-size ones

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