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Re: Anyone do a raw diet for their dog?

We feed 4 dogs raw with ease and have been for going on 3 years.

It is not messy at all. We feed them on the back porch and they are really neat eaters. I pride myself on having a nice clean home, so there is no way I would tolerate meat juices all over my house. If it is rainy, they eat in the garage. We do not have messes, period, they clean themselves after they eat and only one has a beard, the mini schnauzer and if he is particularly wet on his beard, I go after him with a wet washcloth, but that almost never happens.

They eat all sorts of meat and bones from pork, beef, chicken, turkey & venison and get liver & organs only on Fridays. They also get eggs, we feed them whole or cracked, but raw, of course.

We do not feed weight bearing bones from beef or other large animal, they will crack their teeth. They can eat entire pigs. We freeze the pork cuts ahead of time. The other items are often frozen prior to feeding to, but not always. Never feed cooked bones.

I have seen rabbits at the Asian market, but have not bought them yet due to cost. I thought about raising them to feed, but just don't have the heart. I am raising chickens so that they can eat the eggs.

Our dogs were having issues with allergies and problems with their coats that have completely cleared up within weeks of beginning the diet.

We have dogs that range from 6lbs to 30lbs and they all eat the same things, only sometimes we may have to cut things up a little for the tiniest dog.

We get things on sale, we do not feed cuts more than $2 a lb and get most things for .99 cents lb. We feed once a day and sometimes fast a day or two on the weekend when they seem contented and have maybe had big meals during the week. We get chicken and turkey with sodium under 100mg per serving, so watch for that. A great way to try the diet is just to get a package of split chicken breasts and let them have at it. Our mini schnauzer is missing a couple teeth (couple bad teeth removed prior to going raw) and he is our best eater. I was amazed when even my little yorkie was able to eat the breast and bone with ease, chomping thru the bones like it was popcorn, lol. They are made for this diet, and I wish I had tried it when they were pups.

Our dogs are thriving, no allergies amazing coats and very pleased with dinner time. There is significant waste reduction in the backyard and it has almost no smell. Before the waste was incredible and horribly stinky.

I like this site: raw fed dogs

And we are vegetarian, mostly vegan, but I feed my dogs what I think is best for them and me and my family what I believe is best for us. I have a hard time getting thru some of the prep, but most of the time, we are able to open the package and toss it out to them as is. Sometimes, we have some cutting to do if it is say a pork roast or something.
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