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Re: Anyone do a raw diet for their dog?

Originally Posted by november View Post
Do you find that you have to feed one dog at a time? To ensure they each get the appropriate portions for their size and to ensure no squabbles?

I'm considering starting off going 50/50 - one meal a day raw, one kibble. Just to get my feet wet. I figure SOME raw/real food is better than none and since I'm not ready to commit to it 100% yet, it might be a fair compromise..
I do not think it is advised to do either/or, because I hear the kibble digests much more slowly than the raw and perhaps if eating raw after kibble the raw will not digest quickly enough and could cause issues. You may want to commit instead of daily try a weekly or two weeks on, two weeks off sort of thing with a fast day after the kibble to ensure it is out of their systems. Please look further into this as I am just not familiar with feeding kibble in tandem with raw, all I ever heard is don't do that.

We feed in sections or corners of our concrete courtyard, with the littlest being right near the patio door so we can see if someone ate quickly and is spying on hers or not letting her enjoy her meal. She really stands up for herself and will protect her food by growling really loudly, lol. Even though she is a fraction of their size, the big ones dare not come near.

We have very well behaved well fed dogs, thankfully. We have never had issues with stealing, however if one doesn't finish he will walk away and our top dog usually goes in to grab the remaining leftovers right away. In our case, it is really fun to watch their respect for each other and the order of the pack is so interesting and how it comes into play when eating is so cool to watch. The bigger top dog will watch from a distance while the tiniest baby dog eats and he will only step in to get the spare after she walks away when she is full.

Our dogs are such a pack and have an order, they even walk in the door in pack order....every time.
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