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Re: Compost toilet...humanure??

This may seem strange, but I think the issue may be temperature, natural bacteria and pressure. The folks we know have the type that are not within the house but literally deep below, more like an outhouse with a nice surface ( and ventilation, enzyme, rotation systems). I've seen similar ones at a few nice parks, but I don't know much about them.
Price was a big factor for us, too. Especially when considering what you'll be doing with this thing! We looked at the ones that went 1/2 outside, but were living in a historic school house and didn't want to intrude on the structure any further. The noise came from the fan that blew the moisture and smell out a vent pipe. We could turn ours off. Also, this was 4-5 years ago and from a different company, so it may be different with what your looking at.
The disgustingness comes from the urine depositing minerals that calcify. They harden in the bottom, on the screen and on the grooves on the barrel (ours had a crank that rotated the barrel). The fecal matter would stick to the calcified urine. So even when you empty the drawer thoroughly, there's more in there to deal with. I think every three emptyings we would very deep clean it (take it apart, hose, vinegar, the works).
The bugs were fruit flies. Part of our issue was how old the house was. There were all manner of bugs in that schoolhouse! We didn't have A/C either, so windows and doors were often open.
I hope that helps! I'm not trying to make it sound horrible or scare you our of it. Really, it all wasn't that big if a deal and I'd like to return to it in the future.
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