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Re: Just curious, do your BH hurt?

I'm having trouble with the "change your activity" advice. I know I was having BH before but wasn't ever able to feel them, I'd only notice if one of us happened to touch my belly and feel that my uterus was all hard. I started having some sort of contractions a week ago today and at first they were sort of short and pretty irregular, and sometimes I could feel them (like menstrual cramps) and sometimes I couldn't tell I was having one unless I shifted positions and felt the tightness or touched my stomach. In the past few days though, I can sort of tell when they're happening (usually not right when they start), but they're lasting a really long time--like half an hour. Not painful, just hard/tight/often crampy. I thought I should start timing them but then I realized they're lasting literally 15 min to half an hour. They don't stop or change at all when I change positions or activities.

What the heck does that mean?? I was 35 weeks yesterday, dropped at 33 weeks and 4 days, and everyone is thinking this baby's coming early...but with contractions like these as my only clue, I have no idea how to interpret them!
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