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Re: Anyone do a raw diet for their dog?

That sounds like a great plan.

I started out with split chicken breasts the first week we started, then later did chicken quarters. First organ was chicken liver, but ours prefer beef liver. And sometimes one of them they refuse something, maybe an entire meal, I do not worry about it and figure they just aren't hungry and sure enough, they eat the whole next meal. We have had no issues, thankfully.

Feeding bones freaked me out and at first I was very tense and scared. But once they showed me how they were made to eat this stuff, I became much more comfortable and have never looked back. We have not fed kibble once since we fed those first pieces of chicken, and it really is not so difficult.

Oh! And I always forget this because it was so long ago, but we had one dog, the top dog, the biggest one refuse his first 3 to 4 days of raw. We did not give up or offer any other food, of course he finally caved and learned that was dinner. I think he was most addicted to the kibble and had a hard time transitioning. He was also a little pudgy, now he is nice and lean, no pudge. The other 3 dogs transitioned instantly and did not refuse their first raw meals. We also have one cat that eats parital raw, part kibble.
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