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Re: Things people say where you live.....

Originally Posted by jam's mum View Post
Ha, drivers are *awful* but I cannot go for a bus ride or a train ride without someone making conversation, wondering how my day is going, do I know where I'm going (once they've heard my accent). People smile and say hello in the street, and everyone stops and talks to my little girl. The bus drivers wait for you, and if you can see a bus you'll need to make a connecting journey on, they will stop traffic, hooting the whole time, while they try and catch the other driver's attention.

We don't do that in London. The only interaction with strangers on public transport there is sexual harassment.

When I first moved here, I asked a server in a restaurant where the toilet was, and he was absolutely disgusted with me. When my husband first moved to England, he asked a waiter where the restroom was, and the poor kid stammered that they didn't have a lounge.
It must be the accent! But London sounds nice too nothing says welcome like sexual harassment.
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