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Preemie Formula questions

Hey Ladies (TIA for taking the time to read this book)

I am asking this question for a friend, whom I would really love to help. One of my dearest friends is fost-adopting a baby (her first) and having some formula trouble, and I EBF my kids so I don't know anything about formula but would love to get some answers for her. She is totally overwhelmed so I thought what better place to get helpful info than all of you wonderful ladies.

Background, her son is 6.5 weeks old and she has had him for a week now (again she is fost-adopting him). There seems to be some confusion with hospital paperwork as to whether he was born at 32 weeks or 37 weeks. He is very healthy and all paperwork seems to show that he has been super healthy since his birth. He is very small 6.5 lbs, but otherwise thriving. However, the poor little guy keeps alternating between poopin several times an hour and being super constipated. He has the sadest rash that won't go away because he is always pooping (she is going through an unreal amount of diapers and cream, and it is still persisting from the constant pooping) he is always grunting and pulling his knees in, and isn't sleeping well because of all these things. Needless to say it is very sad for both mom and baby.

She assumed, as I would, that these were symptoms that maybe he needs to change formula, but when she called the pediatrician, all they said was that he can't change formula because he has to be on preemie formula and there is only one preemie formula, and hopefully he'll eventually get used to it, (not a very helpful or thourough answere but all the info she keeps getting no matter how many times she calls. She is just concerned that he might not be actually retaining proper nutrients if he is having so much diarrea and can't imagine that he is magically going to be fine on this formual all of a sudden in the near future.

Any input would be helpful but here are my specific questions. What is the difference between preemie formula and regular formula? Why is it so important for him to be on preemie formula? Any other thoughts on the situation would be great she is going to start adding a probiotic to his formula and see if that helps...
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