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Originally Posted by tjs77tsa
The same thing happened to my son with the preemie formula and they are very strict about not changing it they said my son had to stay on it for a year. The Dr's explanation to me was that it has more calories and extra nutrients to help develop things that may not have had time to develop because they were born early. That said I took my son off of it at 6 months he weighed 20lbs at that time and was a health happy baby. I did not tell them I took him off of it because I didn't want to argue. I would not worry that he is not getting the nutrition he needs as long as he is gaining weight and and is not fussy. For the rash I would get something with a high percentage of zinc oxide like original formula Desitin NOT the creamy and put it on really thick also do not try to wipe it all off during diaper changes it will just make the rash worse from rubbing.
Oh and I meant to say thanks for your input I'm glad to hear that you went with your gut and that your son is doing just fine!
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