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Re: Wrap sizes advice

Originally Posted by angiepangie8298 View Post
I got a 4.5 vatanai and its plenty long enough to try all kinds of carries.

I'm 5'4 and when I'm not pregnant im a size 2. Is the Vat gonna be too long??

Is it easy to shorten if need be?

I also bought a Didy in size 4 that I have listed for sale on the fsot board but now I'm wondering if I should hang on to it since its shorter.

Help! Lol
Vats are a little tricky size wise because they have such steep tapers (compared to a Didy for example) If you don't mind tying in the tapers they wrap long, but if you are uncomfortable tying in the tapers they wrap short.

It's hang on to both. You'll probably use different carries with a 4 than with the Vat. If I absolutely only could keep one I would keep the slightly longer Vat for versatility.

For reference I'm 5'5" and a size 4 and my base wrap length is a size 5 (4.2m). So a 4.5m vat isn't much longer than that.
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