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Re: Things people say where you live.....

My MIL says "Fair dinkum!" First time she said it I thought was kidding but nope. It sort of means "Really!" or "For real!" but it can also mean "Really??" or "for real??" Yeah, I've never used it for I'm sure to get it wrong. MIL is a true blue Aussie, I'm a Kiwi expat.

Dh asks for dead 'orse. Aka tomato sauce. There'a all sorts of rhyming slang here in common usage.

Oh, he also says "a bee's ****" meaning by a hairs breadth. And something will stand out like "a pimple on a dog's arse" and there's others less savoury than those, we're a classy lot over 'ere

In NZ, we tend to add "eh?" onto the end of things as per Canadians. "What about this, eh?" And lots of people will throw Maori words into a conversation...kai=food, whanau=family, kiaora=hello but can be used for other things too. Oh, and bro, of course "Eh bro?"

EDIT: haha it edited it out! Oh well, use your imagination...
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