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Re: Things people say where you live.....

Midwestern transplant to small town Tennessee, so the list goes on and on for local oddities in speech for me. Two of my favorite language perversions here are the addition of unnecessary prepositions, i.e., "I'm going to get me a coke, want one?" "I'm taking me to the dentist"; and the necessary emphasis on the first syllable of a word, i.e. "IN-sur-ance" "CE-ment" as opposed to "in-SUR-ance" and "ce-MENT".
In Tennessee, we make grades don't get them, have our picture made not taken, carry people somewhere instead of giving them a ride.
Up-ere is up there, ov-ar is over there, some-ere is somewhere. Really fun when you work in a bar and a man tells a story about some-ere ov-ar in the next county... Right, somewhere, overthere in Jackson County, got it.
e's used mid work are often pronounced like i's. So a fence is pronounced FINCE, a pen is pronounced PIN.
Towns that end in ville are pronounced by some locals as vul. Nashvul, Knoxvul, etc...
Some locals use "get a holt to" in lieu of "get a hold of". So DH's boss will get a holt to him next week...
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