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I need to join this thread. I really need accountability for my spending. Maybe if I start having to write it down I will be too embarassed to spend lol!

So I am starting late. But please hunt me down if I stop updating bc it means Im somewhere spending.

14. $0
15. Edit: make that 23$ in pp on party supplies
16. $15 for lunch with friends, sposies and m&ms $12...waiting on night diapers to arrive so hopefully we wont have to use sposies at all soon.
17. $17 for lunch after church, $25 gas, $3 pepsi, $2 at lowes for supplies for broken toilet
18. $8 water and oj
19. $12 PO and $1.50 bubblegum for dh. $10 on my pp for dappi covers
20. $104 groceries, formula
21. $24 dinner out, $11 PO, $9 joanns
22. I got my days mixed up lol so i guess we will leave this one blank
23. $9
24. $10 dunkin, $30 gas, $10 groceries
25. $0 yay!
26. We spent about $50 today. No bueno!
27. $12 ..but i know we r buying a sample of paint tonight so that will be $3 more.
I'm Tia... and I love my family so much they should pay rent in my mind
If I haven't left you feedback, please pm me .

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