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Re: Anyone considering vasectomy an option?

Originally Posted by JustSomeChickVee View Post
There have been associations with prostate cancer. Some people say these concerns have been debunked.... This is my opinion: these men are still producing sperm. That sperm is just going to build up and that has to cause some kind of response from the body. some doctors claim that the sperm cells are just absorbed by the body... again, completely unnatural and IMO has to cause some kind of response.
I am no expert on how the male reproductive system works completely but from some of my research on vasectomies (Dh has discussed getting one) I've come across info on the sperm absorbtion. Apparently a man makes new sperm daily and when that is not released the sperm is absorbed back into the body.
I know there is obviously a difference between them free floating in the body vs what nature intended.
I'm more natural minded, so I'm not really for Vs but Dh is thinking about it mostly because our birth control options are nonexistent:/ Why does BC have to be such an issue, ugh!
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