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Re: Anyone heard from Takara Baby lately?

Hi - I'm Jenn and I'm the WAHM behind Takara Baby.

I recently became aware of this thread and while my natural reaction is to cringe and turn away from it, I have spent too long in silence that is the fault of my own making. And since I used to be very active on DS I feel beholden to respond so please bear with me (this has taken me the better part of last night as well as this morning to write).

As most everyone is aware, I essentially disappeared off the face of the earth last Spring. TB was good - I had finished up another co-op, I belonged to an amazing WAHM group, I was in a couple congos on HC, I was in talks with many mamas about many things - including one mama who arranged for a custom. I had planned to take some time for myself in April but other circumstances arose and it ended up being a long, difficult "break" from the business that extended far longer than I had ever anticipated.

In that time there were some difficulties that I had never experienced before. Coupled with a previous, recent issue... to be frank - I didn't really know how to cope or where to go with what I was feeling and I withdrew from, well, everything. People wanted to know what was going on, how are things, was I okay? I had never dealt with loss before and then suddenly I was overwhelmed with it so as ridiculous as it sounds (even to me, typing now and in hindsight), even pondering those questions to provide an answer was impossible. I didn't even know myself, how could I explain to anyone else? Was I okay? I didn't know. What was going on? I wasn't sure. So I chose poorly and stuck my head in the sand, believing I'd snap back soon and get back to business in no time.
Of course, when real-world reminders popped up (thank-you and I'm so sorry to Shimpie and others) I felt fleeting moments of purpose, to get the TB house back in order. But I suppose I wasn't ready - it didn't last and other than a conversation here and there, a blog post, a few moments of contemplating what was happening with Takara Baby, where did I want it to go and did I even want it to go on? - I was back where I started, overwhelmed at even the smallest things. It ended up taking the better part of a year to learn how to deal, come back to myself and to my business - and I am incredibly, incredibly sorry to those who wondered, worried and waited for me. More sorry than I adequately know how to express.

If you have read this far, please understand I am not trying to give excuses. Frankly, there are none. I should have handled it better. I am sick that I didn't. Your business, especially in the WAHM world, is nothing without your customer service and I know this. I had been blessed to work with wonderful people - many of them here on DS - and I have been so grateful to have had such amazing, sweet customers. I am truly sorry that I lost so much trust with my inane actions (or lack of action specifically).

But in speaking of trust - I NEVER set out to scam anyone and this is something that I want to address - there seems to be a lot of conversation about a bunch of people I scammed out of hundreds of dollars. This actually makes me sick to my stomach because there's either a whole lot that I don't know about, or speculation is getting out of control. (Which again, would be my fault for not addressing things in a timely manner, I do understand that.)

So let me clear things up - there were two people that had exchanged money with me and not received their product. Two. One mama here who posted about it in this thread and one mama on Facebook. (Neither of which was $300 worth of items.) Both received refunds and apologies - although delayed more than they should have been which again, is something I am sincerely, horribly sorry for. If I am having memory loss and there is someone who was in a transaction with me, please contact me via PM because I am truly in the dark and it needs to be rectified ASAP.

I have never set out to scam anyone - many of my apologies are for those that I had friendships with, customers I had relationships with, people who were disappointed in my sudden silence. I understand how no response is hurtful and I am deeply sorry for that. But being accused of scamming a bunch of people - I'm not even sure where to begin because that blows my mind.

Long story not-so-short, it look a long time before I came to the realization that Takara Baby isn't something I can let go of. I knew it was something I enjoyed but after being away for so long, I realized it is something I need. I am continuing with Takara Baby. This April will be my 3 year anniversary and I plan to make it better (which does mean smaller) than it ever was - for myself and for my customers. I understand that I have a long way to work toward regaining trust and I know for some, I will never be able to and that weighs on me. I never envisioned what happened this past year but I can say that going through it has been a learning process about myself personally and professionally.

I am sorry for this rambling post. If you made it through, thank you. For those whose last impression of Takara Baby are less-than fond, I am again so sorry. I know there has been a possible over-use of that word in this post but it seems I can't say it enough to convey how much regret I hold over this past year. For those out there that have fond TB memories, thank you as well. It is easier to remember the things done wrong than the things done right and I appreciate every kind word said to me, or said of me.

I am back on Diaperswappers if people need or want to get in touch with me. I am endeavoring to answer questions that I had a hard time answering before and I am working hard to rectify the disappointment I know so many feel of me.

With many thanks and many apologies,
Jenn, wifey & partner-in-crime to Kris, mommy to Malia and Kaden
WAHM behind Takara Baby - hand-dyed blankets, diapers, wipes and more..

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