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Originally Posted by theonenonlymrssmith

This is what I do!

I once listed a beautiful wrought iron canopy bed on CL, for $100.... I had several offers for $20. Seriously?! It's not even worth my time to meet up with you for $20! Any item worth less than $50 goes to goodwill. I also recently posted a dslr camera, 2 nice lenses and about a billion extras (flash, remote release, filters etc) for 300$ which was an EXCELLENT deal. (confirmed by several online sources and forums) i had one girl practically harass me to sell it for $75 "without the camera bag" then she offered $100. THEN she contacted me from 2 other email addresses pretending to be someone else like I would change my mind!

So now I always post high, willing to come down and try to ignore the low ballets. I despise CL as a seller!
Bahaha this happened to me too! So finally I took it down and told all emails it was sold, I'd rather keep it or donate than take someone's lowball crap offer
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