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Re: Is there a way to prevent pooping while pushing? :(

No no! Don't try to clear yourself out around your due date/induction date. I too pooped delivering DS1, and I was rather constipated too, because I was on iron supplements, so my poor OB, who was barely pregnant at the time, had to deal with my hard, stinky, poo coming out, piece by piece, the whole 2 hours it took me to push DS1 out. I felt so sorry for her, because I could see her gagging, knowing she was dealing with first trimester nausea herself.
So second time around, with DS2, I as on the iron again, but smart enough to take Dulcolax everyday, so I wouldn't be so constipated. DS2 decided to tease me with prodromal labor for a full two weeks before I delivered. So, I finally got to the point, that I was sure I'd make it to my due date or go later. So about 3 days before I was due, I had the bright idea to start clearing my system out early, and gulped down a full dose of Milk of Magnesia, in hopes this would help me avoid the dreaded "delivery poo". Wouldn't you know it, my water broke that very night, and off we went to the hospital, with my body still "processing" the full dose of MoM! My OB was monitoring me from home to begin with, since it was the middle of the night, and she instructed them to start Pitocin, which in turn blew my cervix open way too quickly. I went from 3-10 centimeters in a matter of 30 minutes! I was howling like a wolf in unbearable pain, while they were trying to get my epidural placed, which was embarrassing enough, since I am sure everyone on the floor heard me. So, I kid you not, as soon as the epidural took affect, the MoM kicked in and I couldn't hold the impending diarrhea long enough for them to get the bed pan placed under me. I shat all over the delivery table, and literally filled the bed pan up over the course of 10 minutes of constant, uncontrollable, pooping . While this was going on my OB arrived and walked into the room. She immediately gagged at the sight of it and walked out for a minute to catch her breath. Not until after I delivered DS2, did she divulge that she was again newly pregnant! Poor woman! I did it to her twice! But I wouldn't apologize this time around. I told her she deserved every ounce of it, because she wasn't there during my labor, and "pitted me to distress", unknowingly. She took it like a man, and emphatically apologized to me. So moral of the story, you can't win when it comes to pooping during labor, and if you take measures to avoid it, Murphy's Law will kick in and it will be worse than if you did nothing.
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