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SO frustrated!!!

My son is 2 1/2 & has been pooping in the regular toilet for over 6 months. He will pee if I put him on the potty most of the time. At around 2 he really liked going on the potty so we thought we were close. BUT now he is refusing to go on the potty & refusing his diaper to be changed. He runs away from me, flips out, all the stops for no diaper change!
I put undies & cloth trainers on him but he just pees in them & doesn't tell me. He will stay naked but then there is pee all over my house!
I don't mind him still being in diapers & taking cues for when he is ready.
BUT the crazy man diaper changes have to change! I bribe him with my phone sometimes so he will hold still but that annoys me that is what it takes!
Ideas or suggestions?!
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