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Re: Induction more dangerous for vbac?

I didn't read all the replies but wanted to say I was induced with all 5 of mine due to dangerously low fluid levels. My first was at 41w3d and was the longest induction and I'm almost certain that if I didn't have a midwife I would have ended up having a section. With my second I was induced at 38w2d and the induction went very smoothly. With my third again at 38w2d I was induced (with a foley as well) and everything was going along fine but my water was broken before my son's head was applied to the cervix and his arm came out (could have been so much worse!) which resulted in a section.
My section was single layer closure (I was never consulted or even informed in the matter) and I was told by another OB that he refused to allow me VBAC and no other OB would either. I went back to the OB that delivered #2 and had 2 successful VBAC's with no complications whatsoever!
I went VBAC with my 4th at 39 weeks. Prior to induction my water was broken so a monitor could be placed internally (OB stipulation for VBAC) and low dose pit was started. No issues, and had a successful VBAC.
With my 4th I was 39w5d when I was induced and actually was going to the hospital for a scheduled section that I got out of! I was going into labor on my own and was dilating so the OB canceled the section. Things kinda slowed down so the same procedure as #4 was followed and resulted again in a successful VBAC.
Has anyone recommended evening primrose oil inserted vaginally? I also got lots of prostaglandins from my husband.
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