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I never know what to say to anyone. Ive never found myself thinking "why didn't I say that" and all the time I think "why didn't I just shut up!" So im trying to stay quiet with everyone.

Originally Posted by FindingMercy View Post

I have no advice. I can see how you would feel like you were tattling or something or just pushing your own agenda of wanting to adopt. I'm sure it's a hard balance to strike.

We are in the home stretch. Tuesday is birthdad's last day to contest and we haven't heard from him since our failed attempt at a conference call. It appears he wants out of the picture.

I've been texting regularly with birthmom. She seems to be leaning toward adoption for this new baby. His/her dad says he's not ready for a child (he already has one with her that he doesn't help with) and she has said she can't take care of anymore kids on her own. I haven't asked her what he thinks about the adoption potential. I'm hoping that Abraham and I can fly down to visit her this spring, potentially even to go to an appt with her (20 week ultrasound perhaps). I'd like to talk to her in person about all of this and she's been wanting to see Abraham.
Fingers crossed for dad staying quiet! You can always have a relationship with him down the road...after the legal aspect is out if the way. I'm glad you have such a great relationship with bm!
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