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Re: any EBF mommas NOT wait?

Haven't read all the responses but I come from a long line of women who EBF. My mom nursed me till I was passed a year old. Nobody on my side has ever gotten formula so I had a lot of wisdom to draw upon and everybody on both sides supported EBF 100% so there was no pressure to wean or whatever. The consensus was that four months was just fine to start letting them taste things. So that's what I did with both my girls and plan to do with future children. It was especially helpful with Ladybug who had reflux and starting solids was what really helped clear that up.

That said, I did not start off with rice cereal nor did I really follow any sort of "alternative" guidelines like WAPF. My mom would feed them various veggie jars when she had them, but I would just let them have a little bit of this and that off my plate. Except for meat. I started them on meat around 6 months and put it through the Vitamix. I think we started egg yolks fairly early on too.

ETA: Ladybug nursed till past two when I weaned her due to pregnancy and Itzy was also weaned due to pregnancy, but she was much younger at a little over a year. Neither one of them lost any interest in nursing when they started solids.
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