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Re: Bestbottom trainers vs Flip trainers

We were looking for nighttime so we didn't try the best bottom feel wet inserts, the pants are okay. They run really small. I needed to get a 4T for my 2.5 year old where 2T pants. We were trying to use the diaper inserts but I don't really think it matters.

The flip trainers I don't get either. How can you pull up something with front snaps? Having it tight enough to not gap at the legs causes at least one rise snap to come undone everytime - maybe for daytime you wouldn't have as tight? We had it on the middle rise and one side on the looser setting and the other side on the tigher. He was in 3T pants by the time we tried these.

We skipped daytime trainers. I have a flip trainer cover and 4T bb trainer cover to sell with no inserts. I have a feel wet Snap EZ AIO - daytime, large. I have an antsy pants 3t-4T -- many of these have one been used once and didn't work for nighttime for us.
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