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I was wondering if anyone had any experience just using saline or sterile water in a neb? I have two little foster kiddos (3.5 and 4.5) who are on an albuterol nebulizer for asthma but don't seem to need the meds at this point. They are very attached to the routine of using the neb but I don't want to over do the medication (obviously if they were showing ANY signs of asthma I would give them the albuterol). Their foster mom had them using the neb EVERY night with meds even when they're not sick/needing it because it "helps them sleep better" . I just don't feel comfortable administering medication to small children when they don't really NEED it.

Any suggestions ladies? Could I do a saline/sterile water neb for a placebo effect or...?

***************FOR THE RECORD*************

*** I am simply looking for info to call the dr with. I am not attempting to change anything on my own and their script is NOT for everyday use which is why I am investigating this further. ***
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