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Re: need some encouragement please. :(

Hey mama, I just went through the crazy night time training with my DS2 (2 yo) and I know how tiring the laundry deal is in this stage. It won't last forever; it will just take time for them to adjust. I had to take a break from CDing DS3 (6 months old) so I could take care of the insane amount of laundry that kept piling up. On top of that, we finally decided to get rid of night time dipes with DS1 (3.5 yo) who had been 85% dry during the night and he decided he needed more attention so he started peeing in his bed- argh! Wet blankets, wet sheets, wet clothes, exhausted mama and daddy! I was so so so tired during the day because I was still night nursing DS3, who has also been battling eczema and would wake up because of scratching himself every three hours. It was such a hard time.... But now, two months later, DS1 is dry at night, DS2 just needs to be woken up at 10:30 and 3:00 to pee, and DS3's eczema is slowly getting under control. There WILL be a day when you no longer have "potty brain". We're slowly making it out of the potty pit, and you will too! BIG HUGS mama!
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