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My dd's had allergy related diaper rashes that literally made them peel and bleed. Calmoseptine is the only cream that worked for us. You may have to ask the pharmacist or go to a medical supply store. It is used frequently as a barrier around stomas. Our ped GI turned us onto it. I have gotten it at Walgreens before but behind the pharmacy counter, but it is NOT prescription. It is kind of pricey but works wonders.

My son is also on preemie formula. There are actually three kinds. My son is on Enfamil Enfacare, there is also Similac Neosure, and Gerber Goodstart Nourish. They do have different vitamin and mineral contents, not just higher calories. They are designed to replace those particular vitamins and minerals they would have gotten in utero the last few months of pregnancy.

Maybe try another brand. She may have order it online

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