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Re: Wool dryer balls - want negative reviews too!

Originally Posted by NewbieSAHM View Post
This. I use three in the dryer (after using 1/4 cup-ish of apple cider vinegar in the wash as fabric softener) and our clothes are the softest they've ever been!

Our cat likes to find them first and then give them to our dog who likes to eat them. Weird.
Haha. The furry duo. That's so funny.

Originally Posted by debcita429 View Post
If you don't use any fabric softener or dryer sheets but feel your clothes and towels are not too stiff, then you probably won't care about having the balls. The balls soften my laundry, but I feel a need for having my laundry softened. I have a really pathetic dryer that takes an eternity to dry, and it takes an eternity with the balls too. I'm not sure that there was any difference in drying time since starting to use the balls. I'm guessing by "eat" they mean "tear apart."
Nope, they're not stiff at all! I wonder why that is. We use no fabric softener or dryer sheets. I suppose they could be softer, maybe? Sometimes DH's shirts feel a little stiff, but not enough to risk build up on our diapers so we've just done without. Our dryer doesn't take too too long to dry stuff, either.

That makes sense. I was thinking wool would be horrible to swallow!

Originally Posted by kaia.aline View Post
I've had mine for 3 years now and while they are kinda linty I love them! All of mine are roving
Good to know! Do you notice a real decrease in drying time at all?
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