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Re: Things people say where you live.....

Originally Posted by bdhutier View Post
I am rolling ,I can just imagine "Jimmy your mom said knock it off or she is going to come GET YOU"

Ahhh no- you gotta get the accent right- Gonna get YA!
dude if I don't use that phrase 20 times a day lol but never mean it

I was born n raised in small town tx and I've heard nearly every one of these tx phrases lol. I agree with the poster who said its probably related to city vs country.

Also still say things like- fixin to, quit that hoot in' and a hollerin', aint nothin for it (means its hopeless), and "gonna beat the tar outta ya' (NEVER do!).

Here in NC they say buggy instead of cart (shopping cart), and uptown instead of downtown.

As far as niceness- tx and nc have super nice people but TX (small town) there's nothing to compare. We went to OR for a 6 weeks college session and one time passed the teacher in the grocery store- she didn't even bother acknowledging us even though she clearly saw us. She wasn't mad (I checked later) but they just don't do that there. In tx that wouldn't fly- you gotta have a 20 min convo and probably would end up with a dinner date lol.
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