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Re: Things people say where you live.....

Originally Posted by thealmightyme View Post
Here in CA no one would know what pop is. Unless you know some one who is from the Midwest or the South. Here it is soda, and when we ask if you want a Coke, we mean the brand, not just any type of Cola.

Also aunt is pronounced like the bug.
I'm going to beat you into next week is common.

Middle names mean business.

When we talk about a freeway we put the in front of the number, like "the 5" instead of I-5.

That is all I can think of for now.
I'm from a different part of CA and the items in bold are also common here, but putting "the" in front of a freeway is not done in the Bay Area. We always gave my aunt (who lived in southern CA) a hard time when she referred to 280 as "the 280"

But I can't really think of anything else that is specific to my area. We say things as they are written (yep, we say ALL the letters and don't add random letters to other words) and use correct grammar. We're kind of boring in that respect I guess.
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