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Re: Things people say where you live.....

BFE refers to anywhere that is way too far away, I used it in terms of parking but I have been know to say to my sister maybe, You wanna go all the way out to BFE to that yard sale??
Also my Dad uses BFT for Big F@&$ing Truck, when my DS was 2/3 yo he thought that was hysterical hear my son say with his little speech issues going on oh and how he would encourage it!!
Which reminds me when your kiddos say BFE and use it properly kinda makes you cringe a hair. The in theory are cursing but not really.
Oh and I totally forgot I only heard my neighbors Granny say this ever and I love it and I still use it on the neighbors adult son when he aggravates me
I'm gonna slap you asleep! Ha so funny!
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