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Re: newborn hates being worn?

I am with you Momma, 9 week old DS2 hates being worn too. I blame that for the fact that we spent the first 5-6 weeks of his life "living" in the recliner, with him stretched out on the Boppy nursing. Try to froggy his legs and he freaks! He also hated being swaddled after the first week. Don't lose hope though, I just tried him last week in the sling and Beco, and he tolerated it better than he ever has, I actually think he is going to like the Beco once he can see out of it and face forward. Some babes, I think need to grow into being worn. Just like you my DS1 loved being worn. In the meantime, get your hands on a swing, bouncer, or a Leachco Podster. That is where DS2 prefers to be when not in our arms. He lives in his snugabunny swing.
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