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Re: Need some info on circing

Originally Posted by chandni3 View Post
The main benefit is lower risk of urinary tract infections. The insert my midwife gave said 1 in 10 circ boys will have a urinary tract infection and I believe it's like 1 in 6 uncirc boys will have one.
Statistic vary depending on the source, but 1 in 10 and 1 in 6 is WAY too high. Most sources quote something less than 1% with a VERY SLIGHT increase in intact boys. (which means 100 babies have to be circumcised to prevent on boy from having an UTI) However, here a really interesting article about how the foreskin protects against UTIs. It's theorized that the reason the initial study showed an increase in UTIs in intact boys is because the study was done during a time when mothers were taught to forcibly retract their son's foreskin, which likely caused the introduction of bacteria. If you've ever see how tightly closed a baby's foreskin is, this makes total sense to me.

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